Social Franchising Accelerator

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“Nearly every problem has been solved by someone, somewhere. The frustration is that we can’t seem to replicate (those solutions) anywhere else” – Bill Clinton

The Bertha Centre is very excited to be partnering with the International Centre for Social Franchising (ICSF), and Franchising Plus in establishing the world’s first Social Franchising Accelerator in Cape Town. To read more on the Accelerator, go here.

With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, this pioneering initiative will help meet the needs of poor and vulnerable people across the country by supporting and scaling successful social impact organisations.

In its first year, the Social Franchising Accelerator will select three high impact social enterprises and help them put together the systems to create and launch sustainable social franchises in at least one new geographical location each. Through the help of the Accelerator, the chosen social enterprises will be helped to meet social needs in under-served communities, collectively reaching at least 500 new beneficiaries within this time frame.

Talk about “accelerating” impact!

We’re excited about this new initiative, and invite you to follow the journey with us through this blog!

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