Inclusive Healthcare Innovation Summit


Every day, thousands of Africans are not receiving the healthcare they need, not even for conditions for which effective treatments already exist. There are multiple challenges in delivering high quality dignified healthcare to the people of this continent but we do not have to be overwhelmed by these challenges. We, as Africans from all backgrounds, have a role to play in strengthening the health systems of our countries. Whether you are a health worker, a student, an entrepreneur or a leader, your ideas can make a difference and collectively, we can achieve positive impact.

Can you reimagine healthcare?

 What is inclusive healthcare innovation?

iHI (Inclusive Healthcare Innovation) is a movement inviting people from all disciplines and backgrounds to be involved in co-creating new and better solutions to address the biggest challenges facing healthcare delivery. Together, we can improve healthcare for those who need it most.

What is your new idea to make healthcare better? Please join us in igniting healthcare innovation in Africa.


  • 16 Sept | Transforming Healthcare Through Entrepreneurship with PwC

    Emerging market contexts provides rich opportunities to the pioneering entrepreneur to make a transformational impact in healthcare. New market-based solutions targeted to those at the bottom of the pyramid can enable Read more…

  • 2 Oct | Groote Schuur Innovators Celebration

    We believe that across our public health care system there are many passionate and determined innovating healthcare workers with brilliant ideas. Read more…

  • 7 – 9 Oct | Launch of the Groote Schuur Grand Innovation Challenges

    These three days will be the launch of an exciting new innovation incubation programme at Groote Schuur Hospital. This programme is dedicated to support staff from this leading public institution to develop and implement new creative solutions Read more…

Can we speak about the why?


In the first few years of my medical training I partook in countless hours of (somewhat embarrassing) groupwork where my classmates and I were encouraged to talk about¬† Read more…