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A presentation on Values Based Leadership

Consciousness and Coherence in Corporate Success (in Spanda Journal, Vol III, 1, 2012)

Cassandra: a holistic diagnostic for sustainable performance

A-causality: a quantum ontology for complex systems

Flamenco as an organisational metaphor

Turning management learning into a source of sustainable economic development: experiments with an innovative pedagogical approach

A Business School’s Challenge: a learner centered individualised curriculum, developing in community managerial diversity

Choices and Challenges for the French B-Schools: Companies need holistic managers and no longer accountants

Vitual Learner Centred Approaches for Diversity in Learning: Recent Experiments with the use of a Blog

Emergence of peace and conflict: an experiment with agent based simulations

Complexity theory: dynamics and non-linearity are the only reason for knowledge management to exist

Some empirical evidence on IS Srategy Alignment in banking

The Corporate Mind Set as a Precursor for Business Process Change:About Knowledge Perceptions and Learning

An IT Architectur to Support Organisational Transformation

The Strategic Use of Information Systems and Information Technology

The risk of implementing risk management systems

Corporate virtual universities

A Cognitive Framework for Knowledge-based Process Design

La Gestion De L’intelligence Organisationnelle

IT for Organisational Change

Neural Networks and Statistical Techniques in Marketing Research

Neural Network & their Applications in Marketing Management

Intelligent support systems for organizational learning

Intelligence in managerial decision support systems

Aligning Information Systems With Businesss Stratregy

Model voor de simulatie van het nationaal telefoonverkeer op basis van marktsegmentatie

Strategic Information Systems

Liquidity Budgetting In a Public Enterprise By Means Of Regressionanalysis

Designing a Virtual Environment For Management Education

Accounting Management And Information Technologies

Radio Interview Of Emergent Markets (Audio)

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  1. Hi Prof. Baets,

    I would like to know if it would be possible to develop your article ‘Flamenco as an organisational metaphor’ into a management workshop?

    084 840 2723

  2. Walter Baets says:

    In principle yes. Would be interesting to try.

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