The University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business and the MBA students are proud to host the 20th annual Women in Business Conference, and this year, we’re here to DISRUPT. The business landscape throughout the world is adapting to changes in technology and as one of the leading Business School’s in Africa, our aim is to keep you at the forefront of this production transformation, to allow you and your business to continue to thrive as we embrace Industry 4.0.

The greatness and strength that lies within women is now being liberated by virtue of Industry 4.0. Women are finding their voice through the beauty of digitally native social movements that are allowing us to address the common challenges that we all face on a daily basis. Women all over the world are breaking the silence as they dive into conversations surrounding the gender wage gap, the pink tax and the ever-growing me too movement. Industry 4.0 has given us strength in numbers and women are leveraging the power of a globalized network to push for greater change.

The 2019 theme is “Disrupt: Industry 4.0” and as we go through the full day programme, we will be unpacking the innovative ideas and solutions that our female disruptors have created to help change the world around them for the better.

Since its inception in 1999, the GSB’s WIB conference has provided an opportunity for professionals from various sectors to meet, network and share their knowledge and experiences regarding the various challenges that women face in the business world in both emergent and developed markets. 20 years later, the conference is still able to provide a thought-provoking view into the shifts taking place in the markets around us. It also continues to be a prime opportunity for discerning sponsors to showcase their brand. Find out more about our corporate sponsorship opportunities here.

Join us this August as we shake things up and inspire you into 2020 and beyond!