2018 THEME



In a busy world that is constantly changing, making change yourself can seem like an impossible challenge. Knowing where to start, knowing what skills you need, and knowing what to do can all seem overwhelming. Undoubtedly, facing multiple barriers, not having the capital, and not having capacity are all real challenges.

However, when passion is added to the mix, something is awakened. It may disrupt your life as you currently know it, it may challenge the way society sees you, or you see yourself, but passion lights a fire within and catalyses a willingness to grow. It may mean stepping outside your comfort zone, it may push you to think in new ways or it may push you to step forward along new pathways; but what it does mean is that you are creating new space.

It is in these new territories that change is being made. It is a fact that women are absolutely key to strong economic growth, political stability and social wellbeing. Yet when looking around the world, we can see there is still a long way to go in achieving equality goals. While we realise there will always be challenges and obstacles in every journey, this conference aims to ignite the realisation that every person can be an agent of change. Through our engagement with one another, and with a group of inspirational speakers, we hope to show delegates that following your passion is possible and that through this, bold action and real change can be made.